About Twedes

The Story of Twede’s…

The building was built in 1941, by Roy Thompson, and is still owned today by members of the family. As Thompson’s Cafe, it saw WW II, the Depression, and the boom of the timber industry. In the 1950′s, the business changed hands and became known as the Mar-T Cafe, continuing to be a regular stop for over the mountain pass travelers and locals. Then, in 1990, on a scouting trip to find a location for his new movie/pilot /series, David Lynch found the setting of this cafe and further the whole Snoqualmie Valley, Perfect! He then filmed the now famous TV series “Twin Peaks” immortalizing the cafe’s cherry pie and “Damn fine cup o’ coffee!”.

Today the cafe is known as Twede’s Cafe, renown for great food, and plenty of it! A fire in the year 2000 closed us down for a while, but the cafe has since been remodeled and is now part of “Historic downtown North Bend”. With our Great Burger variety, our Big Breakfasts and Home-Style Dinners, “No one ever goes away hungry!”. At Twede’s, almost everything is made from scratch and from the best quality ingredients we can find. Oh, and we still have “Twin Peaks” cherry pie and “A damn fine cup o’ coffee!”.